Working on the Back Deck

Workboats are dynamic environments; conditions can change in a heartbeat. The back deck is where the action is, and where there's action, there's danger. In this video, you'll learn key best practices and build awareness for staying safe in this dynamic & dangerous environment.


  • Understand how to communicate to your crew the objective of the operation, their roles, and the relation between them
  • See the importance of hazard identification, situational awareness and proper planning
  • Visualize back deck hazards such as tripping hazards, hypothermia, head injuries, eye injuries, pinch points and entanglements
  • Develop good communication, including when to speak up, and when to listen
  • Know the right tools and equipment to use on the back deck and ensuring it's inspected and in good condition
  • Understand what "situational awareness" really means, including paying attention during your JSA, maintaining awareness of potential hazards, avoiding tunnel vision, using your eyes and watching the back of others
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Length: 18
Audio: EN
Subtitles: EN, ID
Item no: DVD0-76
Categories: Deck Operations
STCW: Able Seafarer Deck (A-II/5)

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