The Officer on Watch (OOW) is the eyes and ears of the ship. Their duties are to maintain the safe navigation of the vessel, ensure compliance with COLREGS, and lead the bridge team.

Whether you are at sea, at anchor, or in port, knowing the basics of watchkeeping reduces accidents and improves decision making, especially during complex or dangerous situations.


  • Learn the basics of navigational, engineering, and deck watch
  • Know the standards for watchkeeping, including proper rest periods
  • See best practices for watch handover duties, working with lookouts, and communicating with the master
  • Understand the navigation watch checklist, including determining the standard compass error, testing the automatic pilot, and checking VHF radios, alarms, and controls
Available on:On Demand
Length: 12
Audio: EN
Item no: DVD0-120
Categories: Bridge Resource Management
STCW: Navigational Watch (A-II/1)

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