Volatile Organic Compounds CBT


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are all around us on ships in the form of hydrocarbons in tanks, dioxides and monoxides from engine exhaust, and gasoline blends.

VOCs are both man-made and naturally occurring; controlling their emissions is important to protecting our health and the environment.

Volatile Organic Compounds teaches your crew the definition and impacts of VOCs, basic control procedures, security measures, and information to include in a VOC Management Plan.


  • Understand the impact of VOC emissions on human health and the environment
  • Be able to define VOCs, and see their role on board vessels
  • Learn how to control VOC emissions, including conducting pre-loading checks, manual controls with a mast riser, and procedures to avoid over-heating cargoes and over-pressure when topping
  • Know emission controls such as ensuring gas tightness of the cargo system, ensuring pressure control, and optimizing manual cargo system pressure settings
  • Establish security measures when working with vented gases from a cargo tank system and best practices for controlling tank pressure
  • Know what to include in a VOC Management Plan
Available on:On Demand
Length: 15
Item no: CBT0-12
Categories: Cargo Handling

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