Shipping 101

In this video, you'll learn the basic parts of a ship, see common ship types, and build basic understanding of the ranks on board a ship. Also included is an introduction to Maritime Law, including a description of territorial waters and an explanation of basic concepts.

This fast-paced program is intended as a primer for first-year maritime academy students and for shoreside staff new to the maritime industry.


  • Understand the basic parts of a vessel, including the hull, deck, forecastle, bridge, propeller, and engine room
  • See common ship types, including Containers, Bulkers, Tankers, Cruise, and Workboats
  • Build a basic knowledge of ship ranks (deck, engine, steward)
  • Receive an introduction to how maritime law works
Available on:On Demand
Length: 11
Audio: EN
Item no: DVD0-88
Categories: HR & Familiarization

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