Security Search Techniques: Accommodation

Controlling access is never absolute. Contraband may end up aboard. The best efforts of a well-trained crew may still not be enough to prevent someone from bringing drugs, weapons, or other illegal items onto your ship.

There are specific search techniques to help improve the likelihood of detecting and eliminating unwanted or illegal items from the ship. In Security Search Techniques: Accommodation, security expert Ravi Shankar takes us through a detailed search of a ship's living quarters, demonstrating methods that the crew can use to pinpoint where contraband may be concealed.

The importance of designating and securing restricted areas is discussed. Reference is made to the ship security plan and how it relates to the three possible security levels a crew may face. Also, tips and recommendations on the proper use of search equipment are detailed.


  • Establishing and securing restricted areas
  • Heightened security
  • Equipment and preparation
  • Search techniques
  • Finding and quarantining suspicious items
  • What to do when something is found

Use in conjunction with the Maritime Security Awareness Training Digital Workbook to maximize your learning experience.

Available on:On Demand
Length: 10
Audio: EN
Subtitles: EN, CH, SP
Item no: DVD0-21
Categories: Security
STCW: Security Duties (A-VI/6-2)

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