Potable Water CBT


A bad taste on your tongue should be the least of your concerns if your vessel doesn’t have a reliable supply of potable water.

Safe, drinkable water is one of the most important resources on board a ship. Ensuring your water supply is free of organic contaminants, waterborne pathogens, and inorganic pollutants could be the difference between a safe voyage and a disease outbreak.

In this video, learn how to test, treat, store, distribute, and monitor potable water on your vessel.


  • Bunkering and microbiological sampling of shoreside supply water
  • Onboard production and distribution of water
  • Monitoring and recording water quality
  • Microbiological sampling and testing of the distribution system
  • Potable water tank and system maintenance
Available on:On Demand
Length: 30
Audio: EN
Item no: CBT0-16
Categories: Personal Safety
STCW: Personal Safety (A-VI/1-4)

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