Medical Procedures: The Officers' Shipboard Guidebook

A lack of medical knowledge leads to avoidable worsening of injuries. With three easy-to-follow sections, this book walks you through preparing, assessing, and treating several common injuries. This book was authored in conjunction with the program Medical Procedures and addresses its subject matter in greater detail.

  • Improve your crew's safety
  • Thorough overview of preparation, assessment, and treatment of common maritime medical ailments
  • Interviews with industry experts accurately address topic
  • Increase your crew's readiness for medical situations
  • Promotes accurate assessment and timely treatment of illnesses and injuries
  • Offers suggestions for dealing with many on board medical procedures


  • Knowing the basics (checking the ABC's)
  • Maintaining necessary medicine on board the ship
  • Giving injections
  • Step-by-step demonstration of 10 common procedures including pictures
Length: 60
Audio: EN
Item no: B0-02
Categories: Medical Procedures & Galley Safety

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