Line Handling: Workboats

Broken hands, crushed limbs, and even lost their lives are the result of improper line handling. It is vital to ensure Deckhands are aware of changes in angles, pressure points from the lines, vulnerability of fixtures, and weather conditions. In this video, learn about how different towing techniques affect line handling operations, how to working safely with lines, equipment and line maintenance, and the importance of communication throughout.


  • Review different towing techniques, including pushing ahead, towing alongside, and towing astern
  • See common hazards such as snap back, getting caught in the bight, and pinch points, and learn how to prevent injuries using situational awareness and proper PPE
  • Understand the different types of lines found on a workboat, such as fiber, synthetic, and superlines, and how to detect and avoid wear
  • Learn how to conduct a job safety analysis (JSA) for line handling operations
Available on:On Demand
Length: 6
Audio: EN
Item no: OD0-001
Categories: Deck Operations

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