Inland Vessel & Barge Familiarization

The inland waterways contain over 25,000 miles of navigable waters and help transport 600 million tons of cargo every year. Many inland towing vessels and barges are needed to make these freight operations possible. It is important for seafarers to understand the layouts and equipment specific to towing vessels before beginning their work. In this video, you'll learn about the different types of vessels found on the inland waterways, their purposes and layouts, and how to protect yourself during deck operations with proper PPE and emergency equipment.


  • Learn about different types of towing vessels, like line boats, fleet boats, and trip boats, and their layouts and deck fittings
  • Review barge types, like hopper, cover, deck, and tank, and what kinds of cargo they carry
  • Understand common equipment used on inland towing vessels and its purpose, like winches, ratchets, and sledgehammers
  • See the PPE and emergency equipment appropriate for towing operations
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Length: 13
Audio: EN
Subtitles: EN, CH, SP
Item no: DVD0-112
Categories: Deck Operations

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