Immersion Suit Training

How fast can your crew get into their immersion suits?

Knowing how to properly and quickly don a suit dramatically increases their chance of survival. Your crew is seven times more likely to survive an emergency at sea if they are wearing an immersion suit.

This video teaches your crew the dangers of hypothermia, and how to properly don, store, maintain, and inspect immersion suits. See a visual demonstration for donning a suit and helpful tips when running drills.


  • Understand the early warning symptoms and deadly effects of hypothermia
  • See a visual demonstration of the step by step process (including time-saving tips) to properly don an immersion suit
  • Know proper procedures for storage, maintenance, and inspection
  • Learn helpful tips for running effective immersion suit training drills
Available on:On Demand
Length: 10
Audio: EN
Item no: DVD0-121
Categories: Personal Survival
STCW: Personal Survival (A-VI/1-1)

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