Hammerhead Crane Operational Scenarios

Crane Operators are responsible for making split-second decisions. If the wrong decision is made, it has deadly and permanent consequences. Fortunately, by understanding simple best practices and building awareness for common issues, operators can easily prevent most incidents and accidents. In this video, you'll learn about typical scenarios Crane Operators face, such as a stuck cone, dropped container, failed lock light, and inadvertent lifts. Learn how to properly handle these situations and keep everyone safe both above and below the hook.


  • See 18 different operational scenarios, including dropped containers, lifting twin-twenties, snagged hoist wires, and picking out of gauge cargo
  • Review three base scenarios, including loading into cell guides, and removing and replacing hatch lids
  • Learn how to safely operate around lashers and employees working aloft, stack gas, radar, and bunker barges
  • Understand when to stop work and important safety contacts
Available on:On Demand
Length: 14
Audio: EN
Subtitles: EN
Item no: DVD0-90
Categories: Deck Operations

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