General Security Techniques CBT


Shipboard security is all about risk management and threat mitigation. 
This program addresses ISPS & STCW requirements and provides a basic overview of common maritime security threats, search techniques and recognizing suspicious behavior.


  • See an overview of the most common maritime security threats and examples of suspicious behavior 
  • Understand when and why vessels are vulnerable to criminal activity and basic techniques to prevent drug trafficking
  • Learn the ISPS code basics, including Ship Security roles and responsibilities, the Ship Security Plan, the Ship Security Alert System, and Security Levels
  • Know the STCW 2010 security training requirements 
  • Learn basic security search techniques, including where and how to search, conducting the search and after the search
Available on:On Demand
Length: 20
Audio: EN
Item no: CBT0-05
Categories: Security
STCW: Security Awareness (A-VI/6-1)

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