Galley Safety: Health & Hazards

Address the safety precautions every galley worker should follow, including wearing proper attire and the importance of using the correct equipment for specific jobs. Learn about the danger zone and the importance of "first in, first out."

  • Minimize lost employee-hours by reducing the spread of food-borne illness
  • Maximize your galley budget by developing efficient menu plans and using leftovers effectively


  • Personal Safety and Hygiene
  • Sanitation, Food Storage, and Proper Thawing Techniques
  • Proper Nutrition and Building Blocks
  • Menu Planning

Instructor's Resource Disc includes:

  • Refrigerator Temperatures Log, Cleaning Schedule Log, Defrosting Log, Reducing Waste in the Galley Guide (all documents provided by Garrets, an expert in Marine Catering Management)
  • 7 Food Safety Steps for Successful Community Meals
  • Guide to Color Coded Cutting Boards
  • Food Temperature Danger Zone
  • Kitchen Companion & Safe Food Handbook
  • Using Leftovers Safely
  • Basics for Handling Food Safely
  • Keeping Hands Clean with Good Hygiene
  • 6 Featured Recipes Shown During Video
Available on:On Demand
Length: 21
Audio: EN
Subtitles: EN, FR, ID, RU, SP, TA
Item no: DVD0-49
Categories: Medical Procedures & Galley Safety

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