Firefighting & Fire Prevention

A fire at sea is every seafarer's nightmare. With no escape, your only option is to face the fire head on. Preventing a fire from starting is the goal, but if that fails, lives depend on your know-how. Understand how fires start and spread, and how to fight them safely and quickly.


  • Understand the five classifications of fire and conditions necessary for combustion
  • Review the different types of fire extinguishers, including dry and wet chemical, water, foam, and CO2
  • Learn about the proper PPE for firefighting, like bunker gear, SCBAs and EEBDs
  • See firefighting techniques, including how to use extinguishers, hoses, and fixed firefighting systems
Available on:On Demand
Length: 15
Audio: EN
Subtitles: EN, CH, SP
Item no: DVD0-110
Categories: Firefighting
STCW: Fire Fighting (A-VI/1-2)

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