Fire in Port: The Ship/Shore Interface

Most shoreside firefighters don't know their way around a ship. You do! Working together, you can prevent loss of life, damage to the ship, and its cargo. Communicate with them, meet them, and acquaint them with your fire plan. It could save a life!


  • Communicating effectively between ship crew and shore
  • Developing a ship-specific Fire Response Plan
  • The Incident Command System
  • Coordinating a ship/shore response
  • Hear the U.S. Coast Guard describe the Incident Command System (ICS) and how they create order out of disorder in an emergency
  • Learn how to work within the ICS system
  • Follow an actual ship/shore fire exercise
  • Hear important tips about working together with shoreside firefighters
Available on:On Demand
Length: 17
Audio: EN
Subtitles: EN, CH, FR, JA, SP
Item no: DVD0-11
Categories: Firefighting
STCW: Fire Fighting (A-VI/1-2)

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