Electricity: Fundamentals & Terms CBT


Take a look around the room and count how many electrical devices are in your immediate vicinity right now. You'll realize it's a lot when you stop to take notice.

Electricity powers our navigation systems, communication equipment, lighting, entertainment devices, and much, much more. It has become so integrated into our lives that today's seafarers need to be reminded that when unmanaged it can have disastrous results, especially when at sea.

The first step in understanding any danger is to become familiar with how it works. In this short program, you'll learn the fundamentals and terms of electricity.


  • Electrons: Learn what electricity is, at its core
  • Electrical Current & Amps: Learn about the flow of electricity and how it's measured
  • Conductors & Insulators: Learn about how different materials interact with electricity
  • Electrical Circuits: Electrical circuits are the foundation of how electrical devices work
  • Voltage & Resistance: Learn what these terms mean and how they apply to an electrical circuit
  • Power & Watts: Learn what power is and how it's measured
Available on:On Demand
Length: 12
Audio: EN
Item no: CBT0-17
Categories: Engineering
STCW: Engineering Watch (A-III/1)

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