Crew Endurance Management System Awareness Workbook

Provide clear, simple guidance for creating a Crew Endurance Management System. Learn the benefits of a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep schedules to increase crew performance and alertness. Includes necessary forms and paperwork to be filled out by officers managing CEMS. This workbook is designed to be used in conjunction with the Crew Endurance Management System DVD.

  • Learn the importance of a routine work schedule, including time off and time for sleep
  • Review workbook alone or as a group
  • Enhance your crew's productivity
  • Increase awareness of personnel health and happiness


  • The Red Zone and tips for shifting it
  • Improving crew sleep schedules
  • Implementing a healthy diet
  • Importance of exercise and implementing an exercise program
  • How energy is produced
  • Handling environmental stressors
Length: 24
Audio: EN
Item no: B25-03
Categories: HR & Familiarization

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