Back Care and Strength Building: Move Right and Stay Safe

One out of every five working seafarers sustains a back injury on the job, and 90% of lost-time claims in the maritime industry are related to back problems. This video focuses on how you can prevent many or most of these injuries by practicing simple, proven methods of stretching, building strength, improving posture, and working more safely.


  • Listening to your body and avoiding overexertion
  • Stretching your neck, back, legs, shoulders, chest, and arms
  • Exercising effectively in the limited space available to seafarers
  • Building strength with push-ups, squats, stair climbing, and leg-lifts
  • Maintaining correct posture and planning your lifts and turns
  • Performing common jobs safely (line handling, climbing, etc.)
Available on:On Demand
Length: 18
Audio: EN
Subtitles: EN, SP
Item no: DVD0-53
Categories: Medical Procedures & Galley Safety
STCW: Personal Safety (A-VI/1-4)

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